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Every success story begins with a blue print about future plan, a design, an idea. For about quarter of a century, 'Formations' has sketched numerous such landmarks. Started in 1985 by Ar. Shirish D. Satbhai, Formations is a leading name in industrial and institutional architecture. With this 25 years of experience behind us, we have divulged ourselves in many fields of architecture. Architectural consultancy on projects, cost tendering, liaison with government authorities and architecture work in various formats – industrial, institutional and residential too. Recently we have expanded our horizons to interior design and execution of the same.

Our Strengths

A legacy of this stature is not achieved overnight. Our founder Ar. Shirish D. Satbhai has paved his way through these years to establish a brand 'Formations'. Trustworthy, reliable and creative team of architects, engineers, site engineers and a dedicated staff value every work and their commitment is seen through our work. We always trust, creativity, time bound delivery of work and most important of all - the quality of the work. Architecture is a great equation of Art and Technology. Ar. Shirish Satbhai himself has an avid interest in technical detailing of architectural projects, which is of utmost importance in industrial architecture thus making us an expert in the field of industrial architecture.

A perfect balance of creative freedom and experienced guidance is our unique quality. Such freedom in work allows us to experiment and improve our quality of work with each assignment. It is work that builds trust and trust that makes a design into a building. We are proud to be designing structures and building relationships of last two and half decades.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation


Our speciality is unique attitude towards work and ability to support any project from start to completion. Each assignment is designed, consulted while contemplating all necessary formalities. To help your vision take a shape, we provide design consultancy, detailed assistance for tender procedure and liaison with government authorities. With our new endeavour of interiors, we look forward to beautify character of your home

Architectural Consultancy

Any structure is built upon a design. We provide in depth assessment and designing support for all kinds of architectural work. Complex work like industrial architectural is our exclusive domain.

Costing Tendering

Big projects̥ always attract big bids. To carefully prepare a tender and submit it with reasonable cost consideration is in itself a bigger task. Our skilled team is capable of assessing the project and provides all necessary help to form and submit a perfect tender

Liaison with Government officials

Any kind of building needs to be approved by local government authorities. This can create delay and unnecessary hassle in progress, just due to lack of knowledge about concerned departments and available permissions. Our work force is efficient to obtain all legal permissions in time without delaying the project.


Every house speaks for itself. To keep the happy character of your home and give its interior finesse, we have ventured into interior designing.

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